Welcome to Johnson's Learning Center

Welcome to Johnson's Learning Center

Welcome to Johnson's Learning CenterWelcome to Johnson's Learning CenterWelcome to Johnson's Learning Center

2709 Gresham Rd S.E.

Atlanta, Ga.  30316

About Us

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Fundraising Committe

  • Johnson's Learning Center Fundraising committee is excited to bring a revitalized effort to establish long lasting corporate partnerships to our school. Please visit the Parent Connection Page for more information.​ 

Captured Moments

  • While we are continuing to find ways to keep you informed of all the great things happening at our school, we need your help.  We would like to feature some of the impressive school projects that our students partake in.  Please contact the the Front Office for the parental consent form if you would like to give JLC permission to use your child’s photo/image on the schools website. 


  • If you are interested in volunteering with the reunion or any fundraising events, please send an email with your name and telephone number to jlcceapc@gmail.com.  Please share this information with other current/former students/parents. 

Emergency School Closings

  • For updates on school closings, please watch WSB-TV Channel 2, 11alive, or Fox 5 Atlanta for school closing and delays.  Also, alerts will be sent out via email and/or text. 

School Hours

  • School hours are 6:00am to 6:30 pm
  • Classes begin at 8:30 a.m. for preschoolers and 8:00 for kindergartners.

Morning Nutrition

  • Breakfast is served starting at 6:00 a.m. and ending at 8:15 a.m. 

2019~ 2020 School Calendar

JULY 2019

July 29
First Day of School 


Labor Day 

School Closed


Columbus Day 

School Closed 



Harvest Festival


Teacher Work Day-Kindergarten Students Do Not Report

28th - 29th
Thanksgiving Break

School Closed 


20th - January 3

Christmas Holidays

School Closed

January 2020


School Re-Opens from 

Christmas Break

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday School Closed

2019 -2020 Calendar Continued



President's Day

School Closed


Teacher Work Day-Kindergarten Students Do Not Report


 No holidays


6th - 10

School Closed 



Last Day of School (Kindergarten)

Early Release ~ 12:00 pm


JLC Kindergarten

Class of 2019 Graduation


Summer Enrichment Camp Begins



Printable Documents

A Message from the Director


Dear Parents and Students~

My wife and I are Atlanta natives, products of the Atlanta Public Schools and Historically Black Colleges.  For more than a decade we served in administrative and support roles in higher education, but upon our return to Atlanta, we saw the need for child care in our South DeKalb community and set out to address the need.  At the outset, and through the present day, teaching young people has been the goal at JOHNSON'S LEARNING CENTER (JLC). 

Our years in the higher education environment prepared us to recognize and realize the potential for our young people.  Developing a tough curriculum and identifying teachers committed to the principles of early learning has been the "guiding force" in this important endeavor.  We look forward each year to the new class of students beginning this rigorous journey and we rejoice each year at kindergarten graduation when we witness the one year evolution of the combined efforts of students, teachers and parents. This ceremony affirms for all, the true ability of young people to grow and evolve at an early age, Our mission statement refers to the "unknown world of tomorrow.  At any given time in history, the "world of tomorrow" was unknown, but somewhat predictable. 

Today the world around us changes at such a rapid pace that we must, at the very least, attempt to prepare our students for any and every situation, predictable or otherwise, for the world in which they will live and work. Preparation and effort along with many other skills and experiences are combined here in one wholesome, challenging learning environment. 

Patricia & Wesley L. Johnson Jr.

Our Story


In August 1980, a small house on Gresham Road became the home of Johnson's Learning Center.  Johnson's Learning Center opened its doors with a staff of three, thirty-seven children and two classrooms.  In 1981 the carport was enclosed to add another classroom to accommodate increasing enrollment.  Two years later, three additional classrooms were built.  What began as a small two room center now encompasses a separate facility for toddlers, six classrooms for children ages 2 – 4 years, two portable units for 65 kindergarten students, an off-site facility (Christine-Elizabeth Academy) for grades 1 – 3 and a staff of forty.  The driving force behind Johnson's Learning Center’s growth and development has been its owner/director.  With a fierce determination and guided by a belief that all children have the potential to achieve success, Mrs. Johnson developed a program whose basic premise is that with nurturing, guidance, and a strong educational foundation, our children’s horizons are limitless.  Johnson's Learning Center and Christine Elizabeth Academy have earned a strong reputation, not only in the South DeKalb area but also throughout the city of Atlanta for providing quality childcare and education to students. 



Our education program is a 

nurturing environment that will provide developmentally- appropriate activities.  

Learning takes place in whole and small group instruction, along with active-learning activities. Your child will learn tools to ready them for their educational years to come. 

Administration/Office Staff


  • Patricia Johnson,  Owner, Director
  • Wesley L. Johnson, Jr., Owner 
  • Sheila Johnson,  Assistant Director 
  • Shelly Johnson,  Assistant Director
  • Kathy Roberts,  Assistant Director 

Supportive Roles


  • Mrs. Marshall-Cody
  • Ms. Smith
  • Mr. Oscar 

Classroom Floaters


  • Ms. Chavers

Terrific Toddlers


  • Ms. Marshall 
  • Ms. Davis 
  • Ms. Pritchard
  • Ms. King  

Tenacious Twos


  • Ms. Pritchard 
  • Mrs. Grier
  • Ms. Sherrell
  • Ms. Dumas  

Our Staff contiued

Thrilling Threes


  • Ms.. Bromell 
  • Ms. Smith 
  • Ms. McCalla 
  • Ms. O  
  • Ms. Bromell 



  • Ms. Roberts
  • Ms. Word
  • Mrs. Thomas
  • Mr. Miller
  • Ms. Hall




  • Mrs. Birdsong
  • Mrs. Cox
  • Mrs. Keller
  • Ms. Easley
  • Ms. Cox

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Johnson's Learning Center Parents Connection is a group of parents on a mission to add to this outstanding legacy that has been established in this community by Johnson's Learning Center. Our goal is to improve overall parental involvement and support Johnson's Learning Center. We believe that your involvement will enhance its success and your child's experience here.  You can contribute to the phenomenal foundation Johnson's Learning Center provides, by offering your time and talents to further enrich the center for current students and for future generations to come.  Working together, we can make a difference! 




Want an easy way to help your school?  Clip your Box Tops and turn them into your child's homeroom teacher.  Box Tops are one of the easiest ways you can give back to your school because they are found on many of the items you already purchase for your home. Each Box Top is worth $0.10 (10 cents) for JLC.  All monies received will be used on various school improvements. 




Don't have a Publix Partners key ring? Stop by the Front Office or see your child's teacher for one.  Each time you shop at Publix please ask the cashier to scan your card.  This way a portion of your sale will be given to the Johnson's Learning Center.  All monies received will be used on various school improvements. 



There are many things you can do to give back to your school and it won't cost a penny.  JLC appreciates the support received from our corporate partnering programs.  If you have any questions about these opportunities, please contact the jlcceapc@gmail.com.  




At Johnson's Learning Center there are several events and activities planned where your time would be greatly appreciated by leading or serving on a committee.  We encourage parents to share any special skills, talents, or resources you are willing to contribute throughout the school year. If you are interested in partnering with other parents to help make a impact on our schools, please contact the Front Office or the JLC Parents Connection.   

After School Activities



  • Did you know there are health benefits in ballet?  Ballet provides increased flexibility, toning, better posture and muscle strengthening.  Ballet also helps in the development of self-confidence.  So sign up today for the Tiny Tots Ballet classes.



  • Research has shown that children that play chess have higher standardized test scores.  Chess improves decision making, critical thinking, focus, memory and other mental skills. 



  • Did you know that research shows that children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills.  Learning music develops part of the left side of the brain that involves language and reasoning.  For more information about our music classes, please pick up one of the brochures from The Front Office.



  • Tae Kwon Do is a traditional form of Korean Martial Art.  Kids who participate in
    Tae Kwon Do learn discipline, they learn to do as they are asked.  If this is something you would like for your little one please sign up. 



What are the age requirements to enroll in Johnson’s Learning Center?

Johnson's Learning Center accepts students from 18 months through kindergarten. 

What grade level does your school offer?

Johnson’s Learning Center has a non-graded group from 18 months through pre-kindergarten and a graded kindergarten group. 

Do you allow tours of your school?

Yes.  You may schedule an appointment to visit our school by calling the Front Office.  Our number is 404-243-1041. 

Do you follow the same school calendar as DeKalb County School District?

No. While we do observe most of the same holiday's, we do not follow their calendar in its entirety. 

Does your school go on field trips?

Yes. All field trips are selected to enrich and enhance learning for all grade levels. We typically go once a quarter throughout the school year. All students are encouraged to participate. 

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes. We have a mandatory uniform policy which is strictly enforced.  Students are expected to wear their uniform in its entirety Monday through Friday unless informed otherwise of dress-down days by the Front Office. Parents are notified when to change from spring/summer to winter/fall uniforms.  For more information on uniforms, please contact the Front Office.



Will my child have to take a placement test?

All kindergarten students will be required to take standardized test. Please see the Front Office for more information. 

Do you provide transportation to and from school?

No. All students must be picked up from the school by an authorized individual listed on your child’s emergency contact card. 

What are the hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  The academic day for kindergarten begins at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.  Preschool begins at 8:30 a.m. 

Is after school care available?

Yes. After school care is only available from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for full time enrolled students and this fee is included in the tuition. 

Do you serve breakfast?

Yes. Breakfast is served every morning from 6:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. 

Are children allowed to bring their food to school?

No. Students are only allowed to bring in outside food if they have special dietary needs.  Medical documentation has to be on file. 



Which holidays do you observe for school closures?

We observe most major holidays.  Please visit the school calendar page for the official school closings. 

Do you potty train?

Yes. Potty training is done in our 18 month old classroom.  Our teachers work closely with the parent and child to meet their needs. No potty training is offered in the pre-school building.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

We follow the State of Georgia guidelines for ratio per classroom. (please see the Teacher-Student Ratio Graph Below)  

18 months 8 to 1
2 years old 10 to 1
3 years old 15 to 1
4 years old 18 to 1 

How do you alert the parents of early dismissal for weather emergencies?

We will contact all parents by mass email and/or text. Information will also be posted on the school website home page or by tuning into the local radio station or WSBTV Channel 2, 11alive or Fox 5 Atlanta news station for school closing.   

What is the procedure for students who need medicine administered?

Parents must complete the medication form located in each classroom and the Front Office.  

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Johnson's Learning Center

2709 Gresham Road S.E., Atlanta, GA 30316, US

(404) 243-1041


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed